Harvest your own vegetables and herbs, 24/7!

Harvest your own !
De Nieuwe Ronde lies along the old back road to Bennekom, against the edge of the forest. Our other farm is located at the end of de Dolderstraat, in a beautiful recreational area.

When entering the gate, wild flowers and scented herbs greet you, as you walk on to the vegetable beds. An abundance of vegetables, soft fruit and herbs grows from spring until far into the winter. All the members of De Nieuwe Ronde can harvest their own fresh food, every day, as much as they think they need. If this appeals to you, you can come to an introductory meeting (see below).

Ecological and sustainable
The farmers, Klaas Nijhof and Pieter Lammerts, works the land, sometimes helped by our members. We follow the guidelines of the EKO-certification: No artificial fertilizer, no pesticides and working with the nature on our piece of land. That is why our land offers so much: a harmonious place where you can relax, away from the noise of the town and still nearby.

De Nieuwe Ronde is organized in a different way than most farms or small holdings. All its customers are members of the association. Our members know the farm and the farmer and they sometimes help out in 'their' smallholding. They help decide the way the land is farmed and the way the bushiness is run and organize activities.


Children are welcome at De Nieuwe Ronde. The little ones can play in a play area in the centre. Older children can help harvest the vegetables. In the summer we organize children's activities, such as a strawberry party, a flower party and soup making. Children see how their food is grown and learn about nature.

Would you like to joins us and become a member?
We have 2 types of membership:

  1. Harvest your own vegetables and herbs. Harvest a wide variety of vegetables, strawberries and berries, potatoes and herbs, during the whole growing season (usually April/May to January/February). Cost: €192,-- per year, per adult. For children below the age of 18, it is cheaper and children below 5 are free. (currently a waiting list, not possible to join us this season, but please feel free to subscribe alreaady for 2019!)

  2. Pick your own flowers and herbs. You are allowed to pick one bunch of flowers a week, as long as the flowering season lasts (usually May to the end of September), and herbs for your own use in cooking (for fresh use, not for drying or freezing). Cost: €63,-- per year. (Currently a waiting list)